FREE Business Listings!

We are currently offering free listings to our new beauty directory. You can list your business on our site’s directory to receive FREE exposure. This directory is not off-site or sponsored listings, but is directly linked to the top domain of our official business website! Free version allows up to 2 images, and will provide your potential customers with all the necessary information to best contact you.

For those who sign up now (while it remains FREE), your listings will remain FREE until cancelled! Get in early, save big for years to come! To be honest we are offering this service for FREE to help build our directory, but once a set number of sign-ups have been achieved this offer will be gone forever! Sign-up now!
[message_box title=”SIGN-UP INSTRUCTIONS” color=”red”]

To sign-up, simply go to this link:

Then click the “Submit A Listing” button to the left… this will take you to a form. Fill it out and submit it to us.

All submissions are reviewed for completion and compliance.[/message_box]

If you have any questions or issues, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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